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DB2 Infrastructure in Cart351

Deliverable: Using any technique or coding language that you like develop a digital project that has user input of some kind/any kind, that changes and influences a display. You are encouraged to use php and a simple client-server relation, but the main criteria is input and interactivity of some form regardless of how it is made. Input can include passive/active interactivity such as browser sniffing, monitoring of mouse position, keystrokes, cameras, microphones, text fields…
Developing a project based on the ideas of your DB1 infographic is encouraged and acceptable. In other words, making the static infographic, however you need not limit yourself to this suggestion.
THEME: Infrastructure – Consider networks as organisms with complex metabolisms: concentrate on their physical structure, then make a quick, playful, light yet informative (or intense) user-experience sketch that highlights some aspect of the physical structure of networks.

What I’ve designed is a simple chat widget. It obviously requires some interactivity, since you need some user input to have some output. It highlights the fact that many social applications on the web need a lot of user participation to work.
You can test it, it is now up on the website:

Start chatting now

Otherwise, I used a tutorial from NetTuts+ to do the chat widget.
Keep in mind that I use Pusher’s free Sandbox plan that only allows 20 connections simultaneously and a maximum of 100 000 messages per day.

The widget still need to be improved (such as the overflow problematic), but it is functional at the moment.

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