DB 3 due – Collaboration
Deliverable: This assignment can expand on work you started in DB#2. Using a client-server relation, and a connection to any online social network (such as Twitter, FB, G+, 4chan, Kiva, LinkedIn, MySpace … ) develop a digitally networked art/design sketch that explores the role of collaboration in contemporary communication. If you want to radically expand the boundaries of what constitutes a social network, please talk with me well in advance of deadline. If the connection to a social network is only thematic or conceptual it must be rigorously thoughtful and/or playful, graphic and revelatory. All projects must involve some sort of client-server interaction. The goal of the assignment is to expand your capacity of dealing with the network.
THEME: Collaboration: Consider the network as collaborator capable of giving you input and enriching the work.

Jany Villeneuve et I explored the Twitter API for this project, and we’ve come up with Tweetrends! This tool uses the Twitter API along a monitoring widget to bring out the tweets that you want to hear about. When Tweetrends is opened, it will bring up the most popular trends of the day to keep you updated on what’s trendy right now. From this point, you may use the search bars available to you to request specific terms. If you type in “from:username”, you will be able to bring out the tweets from a specific account.

It would be interesting to develop even more the widget by adding some cool feature such as the possibility to add new monitor to the page.

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