Design Brief #4: SELF (Intimacy, Identity & Ideology)
This is the first of the major thematic assignments emphasizing personal-conceptual aspects.

I am looking to see that each student has worked to expand their practise as an artist in ways that are relevant to the course thematics of networks and the navigation of complex infrastructures.

Group projects are allowed for this assignment. Please consult the documentation on the proposed toggl-timetracking quantified-contribution network-model for group work. This model is on a voluntary basis. No one is required to work in group or contribute to a group when they do not want to. Note: Groups that do not incorporate diverse skills (designers, coders, etc..) are discouraged.
Oct. 26th: Group formation (team leaders / individuals) and all members must post basic idea to their blog.
Nov. 2nd: Conceptual sketches (tools, intention, prototypes).
Nov. 9th: Presentations. (Consult group page for more detailed info on mandatory deliverables).

THEME: SELF (Intimacy, Identity & Ideology)
Given what we know now about the intricate interfaces that occur at technical, neurological, biological and ideological levels, create an art or design intervention that explores who you are.
Can you make the viewer-user of an interface aware of how their experience is constructed at the confluence of diverse networks? Can you create a work that reveals how your own self is constructed or modified by network pressures?
Feel free to expand the toolset beyond the browser.
Your self is a nebulous changing modular entity deeply embedded and implicated in diverse networks, this assignment should explore that complexity and attempt to offer new, engaging, revelatory, intimate or contrary visions on how networks contribute to identity-formation. Need inspiration? Peruse the randomized conjunction list of themes from Jhave’s site.
Consider the class as a network collaborator capable of enriching your work. Be respectful, acknowledge help where it is given.

TRUSTMEMy project is called TRUSTME, collaboration with Jany Villeneuve. TRUSTME is somehow a satire of social networks, media, profile, avatar, etc. We wanted to put emphasis on the fact that we do give our information quite easily to display it on the internet, without really thinking who can see that, where is it going, who is reading it.

We use three different API: Twitter search API, Google image API and Google map/street view API. We use this widget as a base to start with, and the background come form here.

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