CART345 Design Brief 2.0 : Moving Material

Find a kinetic typography sequence with which you connect deeply, and aspire to emulate either formally or artistically. The work could be from a film, a television series, an online piece or an installation. Document the sequence with video ro an image sequence, and write 125 words on why you chose it. Address why and how its motion integrates with and supports the content.

I chose the Kinetic Typography: The Doctor Hates Pears by RX1603 on YouTube. First of all, I like most of fonts used for the video. I’m not a big fan of the more ‘’deconstructed’’ one used for ‘‘human’’ and ‘‘you know what humans are like’’, but the main one is simple, heavy enough to complement the voice. The one used for the 4th point went well with the rhythm and tone of the voice too. However, what really stroke me was the motion of the words and the rhythm of the animation. Many kinetic typography work that I watched were mostly translation of word on a flat surface, but this one play with the orientation of the canvas, the 3D space. It definitely adds a fun twist to the piece. (130 words)

Edit: Since last class, I realise that this video is not very conceptual, yet, very appealing to watch, but that’s pretty much it. It is over-used out there. I still based the overall look of my work on that kind of animation, but I try to go further with the idea.

Theme: Language & Ambiguity

This is the video that I made for that design brief. I base the work on an extract of The Greatest Speech Ever Made in Chaplin’s The Dictator. I used the font named Bebas and After Effects to realise the video.

As I was saying before, the technique itself is pretty simple, over used, and not really conceptual. However, I use it to convey a different message. In a way, I change the text for something more up to date: SOPA. I use the strength of a text so well known, with a technique so over-used and I try to add my personal touch.

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