CART 434: Pre-Production

This is the shelf’s composition. It begins with the top and finish with the bottom.

The measurements are based on the informations found here: Etsy Wood Wall Shelf – Shabby Furniture, Chic Cottage, French Country, The Nora Shelf

The movement of the camera will start at the top of the shelf with the Mason pot and finish at the bottom with the photo frame.

The list of objects
Childhood: Doll (blinking eyes and change from old state to brand new state) , alphabet blocks (the “C” will fall on the side)
School: Books (they will move and will be lightly pull off the shelf) , car keys (it will shine) , diploma, square academic hat (the string will move and go to another side of the hat)
Adulthood: ring case (it is going to open itself and reveal a ring) , paint cans (change from old state to new state)
Motherhood: teddy bear (change from old and used state to new one, wink), baby bottle (it is going to be full of milk), pacifier (change from old state to new state)
Old age: Box (it is going to shake), photo frame (the photo will be aninated), chaplet (change to old state to new state)
Milestones: Mason pot with a candle inside

My references
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