New Challenges, Last Sprint and Updates

Confession of the moment: I did nothing this summer, but now, I am ready to work. Hard.

So yeah, this past summer was not productive. I graduated from Concordia last spring, yeah for me! Somehow, I did not felt that I was ready to work in the field I wanted. I am glad that I’ve completed those three years, my critical and creative thinking were challenged and, now, they are not bad at all. However, after having my portfolio critiqued by some experts from Ubisoft, I kinda got the confirmation that I need to work more on the tech part and less on the conceptual part. Originality is always good, but they need to know if you will be able to be on a production. This is why I decided to do one last year of school to learn the techniques that I might have miss: say hello to the Campus ADN. I do not think it is very known under its new name, it is the old Campus Ubisoft that is now in partnership with the Cégep du Vieux Montréal and the Cégep de Matanne. The school offers 3 specializations: 3D modelling for the game industry, 3D animation for the game industry and level art design. Of course, I am in the 3D modelling class. Only one week has been done so far, so I can’t say much about it, but so far so good. It seems to totally answer my needs, the content of each class is much more about the technicalities than the creativity. After the BFA I’ve done, this is really what I need.

First project of the semester: create a house (from the Three Little Pigs) and do at least 8 textures (4 realistic and 4 cartoony). We are in team of 3. The challenge here is to do our house and, in the end, all  3 of them should look like they were made by the same person. The unity of the graphical elements is really a new thing for me since the projects I worked on at the university were much more personal and was also a problem we met during our room escape game project. I was charged to do the wooden house. I am really looking forward that. For the first time, I will do texture right. Awesome!


My portfolio was not updated in a while. The Malapert movie and the room escape are now uploaded, and you shall see them up very soon!

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