Forest Ground

Kim sicotte forestground 1
Kim sicotte forestground var


Kim sicotte forestground 2
Kim sicotte forestground graph

Graph and exposed variables for easy adjustements. End user can control all the colour palletes, size and amount of each elements and spread and density of the moss.

Kim sicotte forestground txt

Material created 100% with Substance Designer. My inital goal with this project was to explore the shape and tile sampler nodes to create something more organic. I worked in sections, creating the various elements, paying attention to my masks and on the height map control. For the colour, I learned a new technique while watching a webinar by Substance and Mark Foreman. I created a colour palette for each element and used a dynamic gradient to assign the colours. This technique allowed more colour variation withing each elements.

I posted the creation process on my ArtStation blog where you can see my progression and improvement over time.


October 5, 2019