Book Generator in Houdini

Work In Progress / 30 September 2019

Note: This post was originally written on July 24th 2019.

Today, I tried to make a book generator in Houdini. It didn’t go as planned. 

What I wanted to do:

  • Be able to generate X amount of book

  • The books should have various width and height

  • The book should have some variation in their alignment

  • The book should first be generated next to each others

  • If I have time, the books could have different rotation angles

So I managed to have random outputs of books. But I encountered a major challenge (for me at least) where I struggle to find how to achieve what I want. The books should be placed at the end of the previous one. The problem is I am only able to translate with a global number and not based on the bounding box of the previous book. I am pretty sure the solution is something like the following:

  • For each book, retrieve the bounding box in X axis and that to its translation.

However, I am not sure how to make the copy stamp work with the wrangle node.

It’s disappointing, but I’ll continue to think about it and see how I can address this issue.