Substance Designer: Finishing Sci-Fi Grid

Work In Progress / 30 September 2019

Note: This post was originally written on April 29th 2019

As part of my goals, I wanted to finish the sci-fi substance this month. I ended my last blog post mentioning the improvements I wanted to do on the sci-fi grid.  

Finishing Touches

During lunch time, I was able to add:

  • Damage to the chevron pattern

    • Making the metal peak through and adjust the roughness so the pattern doesn’t have the same level of roughness than the metal underneath

  • Dirt concentrated between the tiles on the sidewalk

  • Rust on the grid

  • Expose parameters and give the end user control over the colour palette and the amount of dirt and damage.

  • Include multiple details in the roughness map

Some variation. It’s not as diverse as the pebbled forest ground because a lot of the elements need a specific scale to tile properly. I tested a few things and my masks all update appropriately if I change the scale of certain elements, but it would require a little bit more work to control the range of change and ensure the material always looks okay.

Final Thoughts

It was a really fun substance to do and probably the most complex one I’ve done so far. Well planning the substance and the mask really helped creating the various maps. For the future, I would like to see how I can make a complex substance like this even more versatile by giving more controls to the end user.