Sci-Fi Grid in Substance Designer

Work In Progress / 30 September 2019

Note: This post was originally written on April 24th 2019.

Today, I started working on a sci-fi material. Sci-fi isn’t my strongest suit, but I wanted to try to create something more structured compare to the previous two substances I did. Overall it went very well and I was able to control all the elements very easily and didn’t struggle to create the patterns I wanted. I think I improved drastically from my first wood substance I did couple months ago. 

What was done

Using the new techniques I learned from watching Allegorithmic’s webinar with Javier Perez, I was able to control my height maps and how every elements layered on top of each others.

I was able to reach a level close to completion for:

  • Height map

  • Albedo

  • Emissive

  • Metallic

  • Ambient Occlusion


I still want to perfect the normal map and roughness.

For Next Time

I want to add some damage and add colour controls for the end user. I don’t think I will give a ton of controls over many elements as this design doesn’t fit this too much.