Outnumbered: Environments

For about 5 years, I worked on Outnumbered, a competitive rail shooter arcade game. Each game session takes place in one of 3 pop culture themed stages. The art direction low poly and no texture, only using lights to give colours to the environment. As the technical artist, my contributions were: ownership over art processes, concept art, level art, VFX, texturing, material and shader, lighting, rigging, animation, overviewing 3D modeling of assets, asset integration, and documentation.

To integrate these targets into Outnumbered, I collaborated with our programming team to develop a tool to replace the old unique target model with an editable random model dispertion of each version of the new targets. This allowed for me to adjust each target group look and feel for our players. I supervised the modeling of all the targets, ensuring they met the technical requirements of our pipeline and the artistic vision of our game

The High Noon stage takes the player into a hot and dry wild west village filled with bandits. To achieve the right feel, I created multiple particle effects and did a warm and soft lighting. To complete the level art, I added vegetation and props accross the level. This level required some cowboys and bandits themed targets.

The Deep Space stage is a dangerous space station invaded by aliens. I created multiple particle effects and did a contrasting lighting to give the scene a feel of danger. To complete the level art, I concepted props, supervised part of the modeling and dressed the stage. The Deep Space level required some alien themed targets.

The Quarantine Zone stage brings the player into a city overtaken by zombies. To make the scene feel eerie and ominous, I created multiple particle effects and did highly contrasted and cool tone lighting. I contributed to the general look of the level by doing some concept art, supervising the environment modeling, and doing all the level art. The Quarantine Zone targets are zombies.

Original concept: Shannon Perell
Model: Alex Armansyah