Outnumbered: Weapons

For about 5 years, I worked on Outnumbered, a competitive rail shooter arcade game. After each game, the player earn XP, which would unlock gun components. In the companion app, the player is be able to forge custom loadouts and they are able to use them in their next game to have different VFX in game as well as being able to display their loadout in the leaderboards. The ammo clip dictate the finish of the gun body and sight.

I created and managed the pipeline for the weapons that needed to be supported by Unity (PC), native Android and native iOS, overviewed the modelling of the assets, textured 19 gun bodies and 17 sights in 15 different finishes for a total of 255 gun bodies and 255 sights plus 15 ammo clips, did the rig and animation and integration and worked with tight time-frames to release content. I maintained detailed documentation and created tools to automate as many steps as possible.

Concepts: Shannon Perrel and Michael Lim
Models: Alex Armansyah

This tool was made for Blender 2.79. It allows a quick export of the high poly and low poly meshes as well as the UV map following the export settings needed for the project.

This tool generate the rig with the linked animation the gun body, ammo and sights. The artist simply needs to move the anchor points to the correct position for each asset and it's ready to export.

This tool generates images used for items on sale. It allow a selection of different token bundles, importing a loadout made with any components. The text is customisable and it renders all the necessary images for both Android and iOS.