Procedural Bridge in Houdini

Kim sicotte bridge graph1

Graph for the bridge digital asset

Kim sicotte bridge parameterinterface

Parameter Interface

Kim sicotte bridge img1
Kim sicotte bridge img4
Kim sicotte bridge img3
Kim sicotte bridge img2

This bridge is 100% done in Houdini. The end user can control the length of it, the width, the height of the handrails, the number of "rows and column" of rope, the size of the planks, the thickness of the rope, the size of the knots and the positon the anchoring stakes.

I started laying the foundation for spawning a bridge from a drawn curve and an user defined curve. Further improvements would be to have automatic UVs. Adding wear and tear would also be a good challenge. I would also like to create more detailed and higher resolution version of the floating islands.

I wrote a blog post detailing a bit more the early stage of the tool.

October 7, 2019